Frequently Asked Questions


What style yoga/pilates is State of Salt?

S.O.S is a modern online yoga studio offering live and on demand classes. We have developed the traditional practices to suit the lifestyle and needs of our current world. We will make you Longer, Stronger, Leaner in your body, mind and life though yoga and pilates. VINYASA is an intermediate to advanced sequence of postures. Think dynamic, energetic, strength and flexibility. We may incorporate breath work, philosophy and more chaturanga's. Be open minded and prepared to sweat a little. SLOW FLOW is a beginner to intermediate class. Slow doesn't necessarily mean easy. Think feel good movement, breath work and a nurturing experience. YIN is for the slow movement lovers. If you're a runner, cyclists, or busy body you may very much like this class. We hold postures between 90 seconds to 6 minutes to move deeper than muscle into the connective tissue and fascia. Yin is deeply connected to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Daoism. Think nurturing, relaxing, rejuvenating as we create a healthy flow of energy through meridians and myofascial lines. PILATES is for all levels with options to modify or intensify. Our signature SOS Pilates class is curated to sculpt and tone your entire body in all the places women really want. Think low impact muscular strength with short bursts of high impact cardio-vascular movements to get you Longer, Stonger, Leaner ASAP. Pilates is very complimentary to your yoga practice.

I am a beginner?

Amazing, welcome! We have a lot of beginners join us and would recommend a Slow Flow or Yin class to find your groove. If you're pretty aware of your body feel free to jump straight into the Vinyasa or Pilates Classes we offer. You will receive modifications and adjustments thoughout the classes too.

Do I need equipment/props?

No, All classes are designed so you do not need any equipment or props. You are always welcome to bring a block/blanket/pillow for modifications, or use weights to intensify.

How to cast our app from your phone to the TV

iOS Option 1: Use the “Airplay” icon which will cast to a TV with AppleTV or any Apple TV enabled smart TV Option 2: Download “Google Home” and Cast the full screen (for users only with Chromecast) - Android Many Android devices have in-built streaming capabilities to Chromecast. For example: Samsung phones have a program called “Smart View”


Byron Bay Covid-19 Policy

Please read our post below for full details:


How do I purchase the online trainings?

Our online training is still in development and will be released to the public ASAP.

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