is for normal people, who also like yoga.

Yoga and wellness for the modern world. 


Intertwining the traditional practice into our modern life, we’re not about preaching or judging, we too are normal people, who also like yoga. 

Claudia Wareham

Founder and Facilitator

Whilst studying dance in Los Angeles at AMDA, any missed classes at the college were made up by yoga classes. Claudia began taking more yoga than dance classes and found a similar love between the two. After moving home to Australia, teaching yoga fell into Claudia'a lap and became a full time career. As a big ambassador for personal growth she loves to self educate on many studies including Yogic and Ayurvedic philosophies, Bhagavad Gita texts, modern psychology and self development. Intertwining the ancient learnings with modern science into an offering thats supportive for our modern world.


Our Teachers

World class chefs, instructors and businesses

We have a world-class team of instructors, chefs, massage/wellness therapist's and business collaborations that we bring into our events, retreats and trainings. Our offerings are all curated for the modern day yogi, and our teachers are there to help connect you back with yourself and like minded people.

Cazz, Actress

You have been one of my favourite teachers and I love your genuine spiritual and physical approaches to classes and you make it accessible for the "modern yogi" in a real way. I love that you make the classes mostly challenging so I can really feel like I've worked my body and are building on my strength and flexibility as sometimes I with other teachers/studios I feel like I haven't really done anything... I that makes sense? I loved the added pilates angle (hard and not as "enjoyable" as yoga) but wow, it really super-sped my strength and I could feel my body getting toned quicker. l loved the big juicy yoga classes that really cleared the mind and the energy through the body and cultivated the mind/body connection. Also, I knew there would be a personable and warm approach and community feel to the trial which I was really missing and you created- Thank You!

Leah, Director of Care to Move

Best yoga teacher ever!! I attended The State of Salt yoga retreat at Sirromet today and it was transforming. Thanks for getting me back into yoga! Best day - yoga, wine tasting and a long lunch.

Rachel, School Teacher

Thank you so much for offering such an enjoyable yoga program, I have loved starting my morning with you each day!


I have been running a lot more in this lockdown so partnering the high impact with the yoga sessions this week has been just what my body has needed. 

Janelle, Owner of Interiors by Riveresque

Not being a regular participant in my daily life, I wondered how I would go with Claudia’s routine at her events.

BUT Claudia captured the vibe of the room perfectly! She was warm and inviting and inclusive of everyone. You could take to the positions to the best of your skill level whilst still receiving a great workout from the sessions.

Her retreats are always in stunning high vibe locations and it’s a gift to be able to attend and take some for yourself xx

Lucy, Yoga Instructor

Beautiful Claudia! I loved our two weeks together! Was just thinking this morning I'm actually really missing the daily connection!

You're such a beautiful soul and a great teacher and I'm so grateful to have been doing yoga with you for 2 weeks! Very excited to see what's on the horizon next for you! Much love xx

Alistair, Telstra Technician

My girlfriend and I did the yoga and wine retreat at Sirromet, and could not recommend it more.

Amazing location with more natural beauty than you can poke a stick at. The perfect setting for a calming yoga session followed by some wine tasting and and great food.

After the session sitting in a circle and talking to everyone over a some wines was a wonderful experience and really highly recommended.

Thanks Claudia for a great day!


Your messages in every class always seem to be the exact right thing I need at that point in time and your classes push me. Also being in lockdown has been a struggle and seeing a familiar face take the classes, knowing that I enjoy your classes, gave me a sense of security and made me want to join in. Plus I liked the message of Longer, Stronger, Leaner.  I loved your pilates class, so good to really feel the burn in your muscles. The program was a good structure, really hard class one day, then a softer class the next, it worked well. I've really loved the last 2 weeks, my partner said I look more spritely in the morning! haha I really appreciate you giving your time every morning to the classes and us, as well as turning up with a great attitude and energy. 

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