Best Yoga Mat | An honest review

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

You have finally decided to invest in an at-home yoga mat for your new iso-fit life, and we are here to tell you the do's and don'ts in the yoga mat world! At State of Salt we have tried and tested everything, for at home practice, to studios to corporate classes. Cold weather, hot classes, humid... we know our yoga mats and are here to share with you the best yoga mats available.

1. Lululemon Reversible Mat:

The lululemon reversible yoga mat is the perfect at-home yoga mat in our eyes. It is an open cell technology meaning it will absorb any liquid it comes in contact with, leaving the mat extremely grippy. This mat is best for at home and personal use. As it is porous anybody that sweats on your mat will be leaving a little bit of themselves in it (beautiful), so best for just your personal use. It comes in a 5mm or 3mm thickness weighing 1.7 - 2.4kg. It is made of polyutherane, comes in a standard size and extra long, $69 - $79 aud. This is our favourite and highly recommended personal/at-home yoga mat.

Reversible ►

2. Manduka Yoga Mat

The Manduka mat is another fantastic option for at-home, but also studio's and sharing. The Manduka mat is closed cell meaning no liquid/bacteria/anything can get into the layers of the mat. An easy to clean (and peace of mind during covid) yoga mat, but can be very slippery in hot yoga classes or sweaty practices as the liquid will sit on top of the yoga mat. A lot of studios choose to provide this mat for their closed cell technology, 6mm thickness (no sore knees here) and phenomenal ever lasting quality. They have 3 options available, PRO mat, PRO Lite, and TRAVEL mat all varying in thickness and each with a dot base for no slide on ground. Varying between $68 US to $150 US, we recomend the PRO mat.


PRO Light


3. Jade Yoga Mat:

The Jade yoga mat is another yogi favourite, featuring an open cell technology, offering a standard size and extra length. These super grippy mats come in an array of colours and are more on the affordable price scale.

Jade Mat ►

There is always the option for a quick purchase, cheap Yoga Mats from the generic chain stores. But these mats are a much lower quality, smell like PVC, curl up and don't lie flat. You are unsure where they are made and by whom. In our day and age it is so easy to click a link and be sure that you know your purchase is being made ethically.