Exploring Canggu, Bali

Canggu, Bali's most up and coming bohemian and hip town located south west of the Island. My favourite spot in Bali so far. You could almost confuse yourself for being in Byron Bay with all the Australian surfers strolling through the streets. 

Canggu has a very welcoming vibration through it. With Echo beach pulling in surfers from every location of the planet, you're bound to meet some interesting people. You can set up camp on 'the lawn' whilst playing with the stray dogs as the sun sets, or head over to 'Old Mans' for a cool beverage and bite to eat. As the sun moves away and the moon comes out there are many night time activities awaiting for you. if you like your beauty sleep ready for yoga the next morning you can head to 'the practice' to watch the sun rise over the rice fields in the golden light.

Although Canggu is filling quickly with tourists and western culture you can walk down a street to get a real feel of Balinese culture. There are different dialects spoken in different towns, so your few indonesian words seem to confuse the locals, hand gestures are good. 

Some of my favourite places in Canggu:

The Practice - yoga

The Shady Shack - cafe

Old Mans - food and vibes (Sunday sesh)

Deus - food and vibes (sunday sesh)

Avocaco - cafe

BUMI - wurong (huge rice and veggies Meals $2.00 Aud)