1:1 Strategy Sessions 

60 Minute Breakthrough Intensive

A 1:1 strategy session designed to help you experience a breakthrough, shift and plan for taking your teaching to the next step

Who is this for?

This is for the teacher that is ready to up level herself. She knows she has the potential to hold space for more people and is ready to bring in more money, she just needs some guidance on how to do it.

How do the sessions work?

Once you submit payment below, I will send you an email within 24 hours to book in our time, date and zoom link for audio only. We will have 60 minutes to go through your burning questions and create a strategy for you!

What is the investment?

The investment is $111

Things that you're experiencing and might need support with:

  • Your bank account is doing OK but you're ready to experience abundance and some 5 figure months

  • Questioning whether you're good enough, know enough or will be judged

  • Nervous no one will come to your classes/events/retreats

  • You're feeling bland teaching multiple classes per week and considering getting a part time job elsewhere

  • You're ready to up-level and host events or retreats but need support on where to start

  • You're looking to define your message and target audience

  • You have millions of ideas but are self sabotaging before they can come to fruition

  • You're making progress and in the flow but keep hitting a stagnant point

  • Something is holding you back, you're 98% committed and need the other 2%

What do you get in this 60 minute strategy session?

  • All of your burning questions answered

  • A masculine logical strategy with a feminine effortless flow to execute your next steps 

  • Help defining your soul clients and be a radiant magnet for them

  • Support on stepping into your power as a teacher and leader and healing any fears and imposter syndrome

  • My intuitive guidance on taking the next steps to be the abundant teacher you know you are